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Helpful Tip to Easily Stir a Jar of Natural Peanut Butter Without the Mess

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

If you end up with oily hands and a bad mood every time you open a new jar of organic peanut butter, this post is for you. I’ve been struggling with this first-world problem for years, and I don’t think I’m alone.

Peanut butter is one of the best foods on the planet, and because we eat so much of it, I always try to buy the natural butters without added sugar and oil– BUT BOY is it tempting to just buy the stuff that is already mixed. One day while I was opening a new jar of peanut butter I decided enough was enough. I did a bunch of research and experimenting, and discovered that the most popular way to blend peanut butter was with a hand mixer. To be honest, it was messy and required WAY more clean up than it was worth. I’d rather stir until my arm falls off than spend the time cleaning the sticky peanut mess off of those blades.

If you have the same struggle as me when it comes to mixing those stubborn jars of natural

butter, here is the only trick you need to make the blending process effortless and mess free.

- Open your peanut butter (creamy peanut butter works best) and give it a quick stir- with a

butter knife. You can skip this step if you don't care about the pretty swirl you see in my video.

- Place the jar upside down in the fridge over night (this is very important! Too soon and it won’t work)

- The next day your PB should be perfectly mixed for life! No need to keep it upside down any longer.

- I store my PB in the fridge, most natural nut butters recommend storing in the fridge after

opening. (Read the back of the bottle to see what yours says). View my peanut butter reel here if you are a visual learner!

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